Biography of MacaronMasako

Early life, from Japan to U.S.

MacaronMasako, hailing from the bustling port city of Kobe, Japan, embarked on a journey of self-discovery and education as she moved to the United States to attend a boarding school in California.

Embracing the opportunity to fully immerse herself in a new culture and way of life, MacaronMasako quickly adapted to her surroundings and excelled academically. Seeking new challenges, she then made the bold decision to move further across the country, to the East Coast, to attend Cornell University where she earned her undergraduate degree in Architecture, solidifying her passion for design and creativity.

MacaronMasako at Tiburtina Station, Rome


Then Italy came into her life.

Her educational journey took an unexpected turn when she had the opportunity to study in Rome, Italy during her fourth year at Cornell. Though she had no initial interest in the country, she quickly fell in love with the rich culture and traditions, and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving.

Eventually, she earned her Master’s degrees in Music Philosophy and Audiovisual Translation from Roma Tre University.

Rome, Siena and other small Tuscan villages, and Milan– over 5 years spent living in Italy not only broadened her education but also her perspective on life, making her feel more Italian than Americanized Japanese.


Back to Japan

In 2014, MacaronMasako returned to Japan permanently and has been working as an Interpreter/Translator, helping bridge the gap between Japanese and Italian, as well as Japanese and English speaking professionals.

As a bilingual sales and marketing consultant, she expertly guides small business owners and start-up companies in navigating the complex and dynamic Japanese market. Her unique perspectives, shaped by her diverse background and experiences, allows her to offer valuable insights and strategies to her clients.

In addition to her consulting work, MacaronMasako also shares her multicultural perspectives and experiences through her blog posts, inspiring others to embrace new cultures and ways of life